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Experience the Forest Audiard
Crafting Ceremony

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The Crafting Ceremony of Objects for Living

The bronze art sculptures of Forest Audiard combine utility, durability, and reliability.
Each piece is a fusion of the sublime and the useful, emblematic signature of our house.
Our creations transcend substance to tell unique stories, embodying the French art of living with flair and elegance.

From Handprint
to Masterpiece

The creative process begins with the taking of an handprint, a crucial moment where the client leaves their personal mark. This imprint then guides all the steps of fabrication in our art foundry in Rochecorbon. Over a period of 12 weeks, our artisans employ their skills to prepare, sculpt, mould, refine, cast, chisel, polish, and perfect each work until it reaches perfection. During this time, the future owner will receive regular email updates, allowing them to follow each key stage of their artwork's creation.

The Encounter
with the Work

The culmination of our ritual is the handling of the work. This intimate moment, when the object is finally revealed, is a tactile encounter that marks the senses. When you open the Forest Audiard case, the object for living awaits you, ready to be discovered.

The artist recommends taking a moment before picking the piece up. Then lifting it, bringing it to light, and finally grasping it, instinctively, within your hand. The ideal way to appropriate a Forest Audiard object is to indulge the senses, making way for the eye and the hand to seize the object.

An Invitation
to Live Art

Each Forest Audiard object is an invitation to experience the art of living daily. Our objects for living are not just works of art; they are faithful companions that enhance every daily gesture, transforming routines into moments of pure aesthetic and tactile pleasure.

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