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The Paume

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The Paume
to soothe

An invisible space,
Intangible room,
A secret hiding place,
I bring calm to the inner hand.
Resonating with the heart,
Closest to the soul,
I cultivate the essential art of soothing.
I am the Paume

« Simply grasping this object was enough for me to immediately understand the power of emotions that such a work can convey. Every time I hold it in my hand, the magic happens again. By creating Forest Audiard, we wish, with Michel, to share this unique experience: capturing the soul of the hand to bring forth strong emotions. »

Sébastien Forest

With the Paume by Forest Audiard, the art of the imprint explores the secret territory within a closed hand. A bespoke object sculpted from an individual handprint.An enigmatic, abstract shape that reveals its distinctiveness and perfect fit once taken ‘in hand’.The invitation to a calm space, an indulgence in a ‘little nothing’ for oneself, the Paume cultivates the exquisitely French art of enjoyment and mellowness.

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The Artwork
unique piece

The Paume sculpted on your own hand here in bronze with a rhodium-plated silver finish. Numbered and vintage piece. This sculpture is made using the lost wax technique in our art foundry in Rochecorbon, certified as a 'Living Heritage Company.' 100% French artwork.

Four finishes offered: yellow gold (24 carats) gilded, rose gold (18 carats) gilded, black nickel-plated, rhodium-plated silver.
Average weight: 350g.

Available by order.
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