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The Ouvre-Vin

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The Ouvre-Vin
to open
and share
a Grand Cru

Sculpted from the hand itself,
In the eternal imprint of a grip,
I am the unique trace of a presence.
Admire me, but especially use me.
A companion at meals,
A friend at tastings,
I am an object of desire for the epicurean, Opening the finest of Grand Crus.
I am the Ouvre-Vin.

The ultimate companion
of any epicurean

The “Ouvre-Vin” is an object of art for the unconventional gourmet. The mysterious, abstract shape mounted on its base is a replica of the inside of the closed hand which reveals its perfect fit when it is grasped. Much more than a sculpture, much more than a simple corkscrew, the “Ouvre-Vin” is designed for wine-lovers who appreciate the finest Grands Crus. It is a piece that opens the way to sharing and tasting. Cast for all eternity, it will be handed down from generation to generation.

« This Ouvre-Vin is a joy to admire and then to seize and grasp, contemplating - as it delicately perforates the cork - the wine that is about to be enjoyed. Opening a bottle is an art in itself: an integral part of the art of living. Possessing such an object makes it possible to hand down an impression of the French art of living to future generations. »

Guy Savoy

French starred Chef Best world’s restaurant

The Artwork
unique piece

The Ouvre-Vin sculpted on your own hand here in bronze with a golden finish in yellow gold (24 carats). Steel screw. Numbered and vintage piece. This sculpture is made using the lost wax technique in our art foundry in Rochecorbon, certified as a 'Living Heritage Company.' 100% French artwork.

Four finishes offered: yellow gold (24 carats) gilded, rose gold (18 carats) gilded, black nickel-plated, rhodium-plated silver.
Average weight: 450g.

Available by order.
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