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The Stylo-Sculpture

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The Stylo-Sculpture
to express personality

The artist’s frivolity sculpted in bronze,
Inspired by the Enlightenment and humanists,
I am a legend imbued with personality. Exceptional, unique, and perfectly useful,
I combine surprise with wonder.
I am the Stylo-Sculpture,
A companion of writing and travel.

« In life there are only two contracts that you don’t sign: birth and death. Your signature is your word. Putting your pen to paper marks life’s great promises. »

Michel Audiard

Signing, writing, expressing

The Stylo-Sculpture is a masterful object that points to eternity and brings a whole new dimension to penmanship. Sculpted and cast in respect of the art,
the Stylo-Sculpture transcends time to tell a unique story. Your own story.

The Artwork
unique piece

The Stylo-Sculpture sculpted on your own hand here in bronze with a rhodium-plated silver finish. Bock gold nib. Black resin or ebonite body. Numbered and vintage piece. This sculpture is made using the lost wax technique in our art foundry in Rochecorbon, certified as a 'Living Heritage Company.' 100% French artwork.

Four finishes offered: yellow gold (24 carats) gilded, rose gold (18 carats) gilded, black nickel-plated, rhodium-plated silver.
Average weight: 150g.

Available by order.
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