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« I sometimes wonder why there is no ‘Treatise of the hand’, a comprehensive study of the countless capabilities of that prodigious machine which combines the subtlest sensibility with the nimblest strength. On the other hand, the subject is limitless. The hand connects us to our instincts, provides for our needs and nourishes our ideas, serving as a myriad collection of instruments and means of expression. How to summarize this apparatus that both blesses and strikes, gives and receives, feeds, swears on our honour, keeps time with rhythm, reads for the blind, speaks for the mute, reaches out to the friend, stands up to the enemy, and adroitly takes the form of a hammer, pincers, or the alphabet... »

Paul Valéry,

Extract from “Discours aux chirurgiens”,
17th October 1938


A free spirit
of the art of living,

maison Forest Audiard celebrates the art of expressing and evoking emotion with unique objects for living. We create bespoke objects that bring beauty to the everyday: exceptional creations that touch the heart.

We concentrate our enthusiasm and the excellence of our savoir-faire to create an unprecedented experience: metamorphosing an everyday object into an eternal emotion.

As poets of substance, sculptors of time, and forgers of feelings, we transmute passing sensations into eternity. With us, the imprint of a contact becomes everlasting.

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Our Values

To shape this unique experience, we faithfully conjure our values and commitments. Grounded in tradition yet turned to the future, we celebrate a French art of living that is both impulsive and elegant.

the Excellence

We place the excellence of our savoir-faire and artistic craftsmanship in the service of an exceptional experience. As a Living Heritage Company, all our methods and techniques aspire to nothing less than perfection.

To hold a Forest Audiard object in your hand is to touch a piece that is crafted and sculpted using age-old expertise that has been handed down for generations. An object for living transcends time and speaks of your existence.


With Forest Audiard, the ‘epicurious’ have a maison at hand that celebrates the art of living with panache and elegance. Objects for living change everyday life, bring beauty to ordinary tasks, and tell surprising stories that touch the heart.

To express these emotions, we share much more than an object. We offer a ritual of living that you may acquire for yourself or someone you love.


As we uphold age-old techniques and exceptional expertise, we carry forward a special touch to reinvent an art of living that celebrates sharing, today and tomorrow. The excellence of artistic craftsmanship and the distinctiveness of finely crafted objects converge in a promise that rises above all else: to continue along the path that was ‘handed down’ to us to enchant everyday life with unique, authentic, true emotions.

Thus we pursue a lineage of excellence that aims to transcend the everyday.

When you entertain your friends, place a Forest Audiard object in view. Say nothing. Hold space. Watch. The object will intrigue them, calling out to be touched. The magic moment will come. Silence will erupt in conversation. The room will brighten with smiles and excitement. A Forest Audiard object contains, and reveals, the most beautiful stories: your own.



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